Introducing RXLink

We are delighted to bring the RXLink App to help connect local pharmacies with their patients Online. Through the RXLink App, Patient can submit Prescriptions and Refills online and request for them to be either delivered or picked up. all with the touch of a button on their mobile phone!

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We are a Software Company specializing in delivering solutions to our customer through state-of-the-art development of software, mobiles applications and SaaS solutions.

Software Solutions that Bring People Together

Our team of developers have tremendous experience in building modern solutions to fit all your needs.

We can build custom software systems that run in the Cloud or on dedicated hardware. We provide end-to-end solutions for customer wanting an All-in packaged, which includes development, integration, hosting, performance optimization and security.

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Our Services

We offer a variety of solutions including programming, development, security, mobile applications, testing, cloud migration, api development, SaaS and more. For a complete list of our services please see below or contact us for further details.

Software Development

We build custom software solutions and projects according to your specifications & requirements.

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In the Cloud

Our custom software solutions can run anywhere, including all the major cloud providers such as AWS & Azure!

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SaaS Solutions

We have tremendous experience with programming Software As a Service (SaaS) Solutions including delopment and security.

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Mobile Applications

We provide mobile app development for Apple iOS and Android devices and integrate them with the larger system.

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API Development

If you need to interface with a system then we can program a secure API for easy and reliable connectivity.

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Our software solutions are built to the highest levels of security, and include SSL authentication to ensure protection!

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